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Collaboration: Mindzai Creative x Removery

Collaboration: Mindzai Creative x Removery

Written by: Baylor Meche

Recently, businesses have been looking for ways to build their reach and grow their customer base in inventive ways. One strategy that can bring your brand to new horizons with promotion and multi-channel awareness is a collaboration with like-minded establishments who share your values. 

Mindzai resident artist/owner, Scott Weatherwax, has built upon this idea by partnering with North America's largest tattoo removal company, Removery. 


Mindzai Creative has been working hand in hand with artists and tattooers for over a decade, providing high quality art printing services for creatives by creatives. Our attention to detail and passion for art has garnered us the reputation of being the most trusted print shop within the tattoo industry. 

Likewise, Removery has made a name for themselves as the first choice laser removal company in the tattoo community. For the past seven years, they've collaborated with artists to bring new light to the tattoo cover-up process. Their experience and dedication to this craft has given them a deep love and understanding for the art they remove as well as the new art born in its place. 

You can check our their process, here.


This limited edition t-shirt designed and printed by Mindzai showcases the dedication to working with tattoo artists in alternative mediums and appreciation for their trade. 

Within the next year, Removery will be featuring several artist designs in both print and apparel mediums. Scott is appreciative to be selected as the first artist showcased in this collaboration. The t-shirts will be used as promotional items for Removery and will also be available for purchase at Be sure to check out the Removery's page too. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more artist collaborations by Mindzai Creative in the future! 



  • AlvenDeash: March 05, 2021

    Kudos. Great stuff!

  • JemesUnalm: March 05, 2021

    Beneficial content. Thanks.

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